Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The final cut

well a few updates to pass on

still job hunting and still looking, when I know something I will pass it on.

Dallas stars lose 4-1. well isnt this special stars gone early in last 3 seasons. well I can't feel too bad detroit is gone also. Well better luck next year.

Dallas Mavericks win 4-0. Wow, what I have been able to see looks good, have only seen 1 game, nba games are not much for bit torrents, but i still try and look. nba games are not played here much on tv. I will watch and wait and see.

Nfl draft, Redskins did so so. man I hate trading these picks, please stop.

Joined a gym and will be working out alot today, lost about 2 pounds so far.

may 14th I turn 40. Wow still can not believe that one but its true.

oh well thats all for now, like I have always said, new changes I will update.

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