Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The next are James and Kendra. They are the I love Canada blog link on my site.

I told them that I have heard of people like them childhood sweethearts that are still a couple and I had never met one until I met these 2, well alot of Canadians flat out do not like me because I support President Bush, to be honest, I am so cool with that. These 2 are jusr so cool because they are, what you see is what you get, and they are some awesome people. James did the no-pants dance with me and Dan on New Years and I really thought that Kendra would not let him play with us anymore.

A few weeks ago, Kendra father came to Korea and that night we were acting insane, I though that her dad would look at us like, ok they should not be allowed out in public anymore. Kendra said that her father had a great time.

I have learned for them why they love hockey and how much they really love each other. Maybe, one day I will find someone that love me like Kendra loves James. Good luck you 2 and Go Oilers in the NHL Playoffs.

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