Wednesday, May 17, 2006

On my 40th Birthday, At Outback I thanked each group/person now I wish to share aht I said to each group.

The first people are Troy and Alwyn, they are the Troy link that I have on my blog.

On my Birthday, Troy, Alwyn, His sister Naomi and her freind Fiona, joined us at the game. It was a blast to see him interact with his sister.

They are both from Australia and I have commented about Troys seeing snow here for one of the first times in his life. They are a great couple and some awesome people to get to know. It has been my honor to met you both and to call you both my friends.

They are leaving Korea in a few weeks and out little group is breaking up. It has been a great year knowing these 2 and we have had alot of fun. Watching Troy at his first baseball game, the mexican wave adn other things have made me realize that we are all very different but at alot of times we are so much alike.

take care you 2 and enjoy yourself, Its a celebration called life and it has been my honor to know you 2 both.

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