Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Well folks, then we have Dan and Greer. As you can guess, they are the Dan and Greer, link on the site. For the rest of my life I will associate one word with Dan, "BOOBS"

Dan has been a awesome person to talk to and to get to know. I will remember our "No Pants Dance" on new years, I introduced him to Coors light and to cheese sticks. Listening to him talk about New Zealand and alot of just listening to him. He is funny. Greer is his G.F. What I will remember about her is, Her blog comment, that during the winter all she wanted to to was Veg for awhile. I came up with the insame idea for there XMAS gift. It was a huge collection of DVD'S. She has sooooo many now that they could litteraly open up there own dvd store and what can I say, I know movies and I can usually find some very intresting ones.

This was also there first baseball game and watching there reaction was awesome. I would love to see them have a little girl and she has Dans personality. I will really miss these two when the fork in the road will soon hit. I hope these 2 make it and have a very happy life together.

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