Monday, May 15, 2006


Well on May 14, 1966 I was born and today is # birthday #40. To be quite honest, at first, I thought about just staying home and keep very quiet. Then, as usual, I get a crazy Idea. I like baseball and the Hanhwa Eagles (Daejeon) was playing today. I emailed the people that I wanted to share a day with and they all showed up. I will thank each group later on in the day but for now, lets tell the story of my 40th Birthday.

I invited Nichole, Dan and Greer, James and Kendra, Ben, Stephanie, and Troy and Alwyn (Troy's Sister Naomi and her friend Fiona joined the group also, they were visiting Troy for a few days and then they are going to London.)

Today is was the Hanhwa Eagles (Daejeon) vs the Lotte Giants (Busan) and we had to take 3 different cabs to get to the stadium, well as usual the one I took, took the longest for us to get a cab and then it took awhile to get to the game. When we arrived We discovered that it was free ticket day, the promotion was "BC Card Day" So, there was a huge crowd.

A very funny thing happened while we were trying to get tickets, Can you imagine the look on a mans face when I tell him that I need 12 tickets, it took a few minutes but we got 12 tickets and then we went inside.

We got to sit on the 3rd base outfield and then we just starting having fun, Troy, Alywn, Naomi, Fiona, Dan, Greer had never seen a live baseball game before, so watching there reaction was great. It was this time that I started dring one of my birthday presents. Nichole had bought me Coors Light (My fav Beer) and we started talking and I was having a blast.

The beer was sold in the stadium for 2$, none of us could believe it, It looks like high beer prices at games are just not a USA only. Dan was talking about 3 day cricket matches and how they would throw beer bottles at the other team. It was too funny. Troy has seens some baseball movies so he knew a litle of it. I was so glad that he got to see some Home Runs.

It was a great game, we just sat and talked about the beer, the cheerleaders. the crowd. I learned something intresting about the wave, In NZ and Australia its called the Mexican Wave. I had never hear of that before so it was different. We all had fun and we all got alot of sun. Daejeon won 8-4, so the crowd went home happy.

Then we went to Outback Steakhouse.

Now if you can imagine a group of WAEGUGKS (Foreigners) comming into one Korean store, must have been a little weird, but as usually, the food was awesome and we had a blast, I SAID A BIRTHDAY TOAST To the group, which I will talk about more after work today.

We had fun and I was very happy to share my 40th birthday with these insane people that I have come to know and like here while I work in korea.

AS Dave Chappelle said best, "I'm Rick James, bitch. Enjoy yourself. Its a celebration"

Thank you For making my 40th Birthday a very fun day everybody.

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