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Now for the next part of the reviews this is what I call, “The Disappointments’ of 2006.” Just as in the last batch of reviews, you will see some films that I actually liked but due to a box office failure or just because the film took too many liberties that it should have never had taken we are left with this list.

20.The Black Dahlia

I have no idea what Brian DePalma was going for in this film, it was a bunch of scenes put together that made who actually killed the young lady kind of in the background. For a film that was based on real life events and then killing people that were not killed in the first place, just for somewhat of a plot, just never made sense to me.

19.Snakes on A Plane
My Review

When do you believe the hype and when do you not believe the hype? I liked the film, but I took it for what it was, “A late summer popcorn flick” For months this film had huge internet buzz and was projected to make 35$ million on the opening weekend. It barely grossed that for its entire run. It was a film that was marketed to the hype and not what it actually was.

18.Charlotte’s Web

Has Hollywood actually run out of ideas? I can see no reason to remake this classic 1970’s cartoon into this junk that was shown on the screen. I just never bought into any of it and really wondered who actually thought this was a good idea.

17.The Fountain

Now I admit, to take 1000 years to see what life has in store for you and to see if you can corrects it errors, sounded like a good plot for a movie. What we got was this mess and when it was over, the only thing I was thinking was, will it take 1000 years to get it out of my head?

16.The Break-Up
My Review

I have no idea why Jennifer Anniston even made this film, it was released soon after her divorce and then she starts a relationship in the real world with her co-star in this film (Vince Vaughn) then they break up and all we are left with is this bad, who can out gross the other one. It was just sad to watch and even sadder to remember in 2007.

15.The Wild
My Review

I liked the film and it looks like no one else did. This films failure slowly helped to convince Disney to stick with 2-D movies and let their partner Pixar work with the 3-D cartoon films.

14.Blood Diamond
My Review

As I said earlier in my review of this film, as soon as I saw the trailer for this film, I just had a very bad feeling about it. Sad to say I was correct. Leo as a super soldier was just too much and Jennifer as eye candy/reporter just never worked for me.

13.A Good Year
My Review

Once again I liked it and no one else seemed to. It’s a small film about love, maybe the box office community was expecting a huge block buster with this one but I never saw it that way. To me either you’ll love it or you’ll hate it.

12.The Restless

After seeing it, I am still not sure what this Korean film was trying to accomplish. Was it an epic, a love story a rebellion for love? I sure did not have a clue and by judging of the box office cost to make this film and how it looks like it will not re-coop it cost. CJ Entertainment has had 3 failures in a row over the Christmas Holidays (This, Typhoon and Rikidozan) I wonder if they will try a big budget holiday film next year?

11.Marie Antoinette

I had a very bad feeling about this film when the Cannes film festival gave it a huge chorus of boos’. Then when I got a hold of an early print of the film, Cannes was right. What in the heck was Sofia Coppola thinking when she wrote this film, it just was not bad, it failed with the critics and at the box office and it’s a huge backwards step for Ms. Coppola.

10.The Nativity Story

A few years ago we saw a very violent film that showed us the death of Jesus Christ. This Christmas season someone had the idea to do a story about his birth and I was so looking forward to it, until I saw it. Could the acting be any worse, I kept thinking that I was watching someone read their lines of a wooden script. The dialect was just wrong and it really hurt this film.

9.Flushed Away
My Review

Why did the makers of Wallace and Gromit even try and make a 3-D Pixar type movie and instead of a good film we are left with this one which the title stated what I want to do with my copy of the DVD of this film, Flush it away. This fails on so many levels, it’s hard just to pick one.

8.Ice Age 2
My Review

What is really sad it that this made 20th Century Fox the most $ in 2006. I absolutely loved the first one and absolutely hated the second one. I just never could quite grasp of the failed love story or her 2 brothers. It just was not put together very well and somehow it made money for Fox.

7.I’m A Cyborg but that’s OK

When my favorite Korean director, Chan-Wook Park, has a new film coming out, I am usually there to see it. It started the Korean singer “Rain” and I thought had a good plot about a female who thinks that she is a robot. After I saw it, I was thinking, what in the heck was this junk? It had no real story, a very bad plot, and this was a film by a great director? It did not even break 1 Million admissions at the Korean Box office. A very, sad attempt at making a good movie.


Well it was supposed to be a new fantasy trilogy that would compete with, “The Lord of the Ring” and what we got was Lord of the garbage dump! I just could not believe all of the bad acting and the lack of any plot and what’s even sadder is that soon, I will try and watch this on the big screen to see if it’s any better on a bigger screen that it was on a small one.

5.Mission Impossible 3
My Review

Was there an original idea in this film? I sure did not see any. All I saw was the same stupid tricks from 1 and 2 played over and over again and by the end it just became too much of a joke and the film failed because of this and maybe Tom Cruise acting very weird last year. Hopefully he and UA can have a nice 2007.

4.The DaVinci Code
My Review

Looking back at this film 6 month later, I still see it a horrible mis-cast with Tom Hanks. I heard a lot of people getting very upset about this film, but its 6 months later and the world is still turning. To me its still much ado about nothing.

3.X Men 3
My Review

I still cannot believe who they killed off in this film. I recently rewatched it to see if it was any better and, sad to say,the answer was no. It’s still a good film, if you have not read the comic book, but if you have it will make you very angry. I would still give it the same grade that I gave it in the review but it still leaves a very bad taste in my mouth every time that I watch it.

2.Superman Returns
My Review

I was so looking forward to this. I had huge expatiations after the great re-launch of Batman last year but instead I get this huge turd of a film. I still cannot believe that they gave superman a son. On what should have been a huge re-launch, now this has WB wondering if they will wait another 20 years to re-try the Superman logo again. A huge failure of a stupid attempt to re-launch Superman films.

Now these last 19 were bad in their own way but nothing came even close to this sinking of a film. So the, “Flynnie” for , “The Major Disappointment of 2006” goes to.

My Review

What in the heck was Wolfgang Petersen thinking when he had the idea to remake this film. It was done 10 years ago; it was called “Titanic.” The film is a remake of a 1972 popcorn flick that stared Gene Hackman as the hero. This film offered nothing original and I still have no idea why it was even remade in the first place. It was a huge failure all around.

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