Friday, January 12, 2007

Well just a small update

The winter session is going ok, I only have 3 more weeks of it. I am happy about it so far.

So far the new year is ok. Good at times and slow at times but its ok.

While typing this i was sent this so please look at it.

White People only

Stop Racism in Korea

Dear Editor:

I would love to make a comment to your newspaper about a very shocking experience that I had today. I got a phone call from a company that had viewed my mini resume, minus photo, on some Web site.

They had asked me to send my full resume with photo, no problem, I sent it. I then received an email from he director or whoever she was telling me THE COMPANY IS LOOKING FOR ONLY WHITE PEOPLE! What was even more degrading, is when this ``person’’ had enough gall, to tell me that Korea is a racist country and always will be so I shouldn't take it personal, and not to feel bad because, the blacks have it worse here.

She closed her statement by saying, ``I don't know why you came to Korea, but you should go back to America because Korea will not change, so you may continue to feel this kind of prejudice.’’ DOES THE REST OF THE WORLD KNOW THIS ABOUT KOREA?

HELLO? WHAT? Although, I am not 100 percent white, (my mother is Korean and my father German) I was born, raised and educated all my life in America. So I was very ``surprised’’ to hear this comment. If Korea doesn't consider people with one foreign parent to be ``white’’ nor are they ``Korean’’ what do they consider them to be? I mean, wasn't Hines Ward, here recently? And aren't Daniel Henney, Dennis Oh, along with other great half Koreans ICONS here? Is not Korea is trying to become the ``HUB’’ of Asia? Need it be known that you cannot achieve this status easily with racism! As it takes all shapes, colors and sizes to be the best! The world is a small place.

I do hope you publish a story about Koreans and the racism that strongly and not even shamefully exists still in this day and age of 2007!!! The even more degrading part is when a Korean, who has Korean blood running through her veins, tells this nonsense to another person with Korean blood. Christ, I wonder how my family and friends of Korean descendant would feel if they heard this?

Would it make them want to spend their hard-earned dollars to come here and contribute to the tourist industry? I actually came to Korea because I have always admired Korea and the Korean people, so I felt this was a great opportunity to come and get in touch with my ``roots.’’ But never have I been so ashamed to have Korean blood run through my veins, as I was this afternoon!! Makes me feel totally sick to think that this country, is trying to ``westernize’’ itself through hip hop, western fast foods, languages and cultures. KOREA, if you want to play with the big boys, YOU NEED TO GROW UP FIRST!!!!

Thank you Korea Times, for your time. Only you can help Korea open to be a more civilized country through your reports and stories from other people’s experiences here in Korea.

Best Regards,


Wow. Very interesting comments here.

Ok next, Big surprise here....(Right) Looks like Yongsan wont be closing anytime soon.

Still in Seoul

Delay once again

Alone again with Seoul

Delay once again

Well it should be fun to sit back and watch this one.

Just saw the 24 show episode 1-4 season 6. and see it when you can.

The 2nd end of the movies list I will post on Sunday. Hope everybody likes it.

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