Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Well Happy 2007 for all of my readers in cyberspace.

What the year holds in store for me, (Hopefully)

Well, as allot of people know I am going home to Texas, for a 1 month vacation. I want to see and look around.

Next i am going to see if I can start to get my MBA here in Korea. I figure its a 2 year work but I am going for it.

Still want to keep working as an University Professor. I have seen a little progresses with some of my students, I so wish that it was allot more.

Still looking to see if I can find a g.f here in Korea.

Well this is how New years eve went down..

Allot of the locals went up to Seoul and I thought about it but decided not too, I've been to Seoul a few times this year but a huge New Year Eve party just did not do anything for me. So I stayed here in Daejeon and Went out to Outback first and had a very nice meal, then I met Dan and Greer at the War-bar in old downtown, Daejeon. (For me its a 10 minute bus ride and when the subway open up for them it will be allot cheaper)

The night had its moments, it was fun talking to dan and greer but dan got hammered and they went home about 230. I then went to J-rock, where I was a blocker and security for most of the night. IT WAS OK THEIR BUT TOO MANY STOOPID PEOPLE THEIR AND ITS JUST WAS NOT WORTH IT. I went home about 730 am and then crashed.

So that was day 1 of 2007.

Happy 2007 Everybody!

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