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Now we have looked at the best films of the year, Next are the worst films of 2006.

20. Barnyard
The "male" cows having udders really set the tone for this film. It just kept getting worse and worse. When the film was finally over, whatever humor this film hoped for just was never there. It opens up in Korea, Jan 2007.

19.Little Man

I have no idea what the Wayans brothers were trying to do on this film but it just fails on every part of this film. No plot no real story and just bad acting killed this comedy for me.

18.Miami Vice
My Review

I love the 1980’s TV show and I hated the movie. The remake was bad from the word go and it collapses because of trying everything and ended up being a whole bag of nothing.


Well to be honest I still am not sure about this film, I just could not believe that I actually wasted 88 minutes on this film. I kept hoping that it would get better but alas, it never does.

16.Black Christmas

Why was this film remade? I hated the original and I hated this one also. It was not even a bad slasher flick. It was just a bad remake of a bad film.

15.The Pink Panther
My Review

I used to watch the original films with Peter Sellers and laugh while seeing Seller’s get him out of one crazy story at a time. When I saw this film, it was just so sad to see how this franchise and Steve Martin had fallen. This was the first film of his that I did not laugh allot at.

14.The Omen (2006)
My Review

The only reason I could ever see this film being made was, its release date on 6/6/06 (666). Funny pun but the film stunk. Due to bad casting and a bad remake it just never became a god film.

13. Soul Kicking (PIFF)
I could not even find this film listed on IMDB. Its title in Greece is “I psihi sto stoma"
For every good film you see at a film festival, you also see a very bad one and this one was just horrible.
The plot and story made no logical scenes at all and by the end of it, I wanted to find the persons who selected this film for the festival and hit them with a brick!

12. TIE Pledge This and Bottoms Up

Now what list would be complete without Paris Hilton on it? She made 2 films this year and they both were so bad that they went into 1 -2 theaters then straight to video. Please pass on these 2 and save what few brain cells you have if you actually think that she can act in anything besides a night-vision adult film.

11.Employee of the Month

What a bad idea for a film and what a bad plot for this film, Jessica Simpson was hoping for a minor comeback with this film after her divorce but all that was left after it was this film. The horror..the horror..

10.Just My Luck
My Review

When I was watching this, I kept thinking, “There has to be more to this than what I am actually seeing.” Sad to say, no that was it. This film could be the start of a career killer for Lindsay Lohan. If this is what coming next in her films, then please do us all a favor and stay home and do not make any more movies.

9.Date Movie

From ripping off every recent hot film of TV show, the film itself becomes a joke and never gives you anything original. I kept thinking, “Ok, they stoled this from here and this from MTV. In the end that all that was stolen from you, the time and $ to watch this.

8.Material Girls

Maybe I am the wrong target group for this movie. The film offered nothing original and just trying to watch the 2 Duff sisters try and act in this film was just too much. I have no idea why it was made but hopefully I will never have to see it again.

7.Phat Girlz

I was so hoping that the recommendation I received for this film was correct. Sad to say, it wasn’t. I still have no idea what the film was trying to express and as a comedy it failed because I did not laugh, I did cry because I knew that I would never see the money I paid for this film ever again.

6. Tim Allen in 2006. Zoom/The Shaggy D.A/Santa Clause 3
The Shaggy D.A
Santa Clause 3

You know it’s a bad year when you release 3 films and they are all clunkers. There was not an original idea in any of these 3 films and this year does look good for Mr. Allen with “Wild Hogs” and “in the Pink” Is there a film that Mr. Allen will not turn down?


Well this one sure sounded good on paper but when it time to put up or shut up, it died a very quick box office death. Underground basketball with rap songs and no plot does not make for a good movie watching night.

4. Valley of the Wolves. Iraq

I have no idea where to even start on this one. Needless to say the organ selling doctor part played by Gary Busey sure did not win any respect from me on this one. I saw it and I never want to see it again.



Like the #4 film, when nationalism goes wrong, we are often left with really bad films. I saw this film and I just flat out could not believe the plot. To say, “Let’s attack Japan” and then have the Japanese Navy moving without any air cover was just too much. The plot had so many holes in it; it just failed on every level. It was a high-budget turd.

2.Basic Instinct 2

This film was so way over the top, in the first 5 minutes you have kinky sex, death and a bad car crash. Then the film really starts to get bad. I just could not believe that this film was actually this bad. When the film was over, I just sat in the theater and wondered, “What in the hell was this Crap” WHAT IS REALLY SAD THAT THIS FILM IS ONLY THE SECOND WORST FILM I SAW THIS YEAR.

Now for the 2006 “Flynnie” for the worst film of the year, the winner is…………

1. Edison
my review

Who does not belong in this group (Morgan Freeman, Kevin Spacey, LL Cool J or Justin Timberlake)? If you said Justin you are correct and you have the main idea why this film fails so badly.

I just could not believe that a film with 2 great actors and Oscar winners in Freeman and Spacey could actually be this bad. It had a bad plot, bad acting a script so full of bad sub plots that nothing worked on this film.

My question is who in the heck said that Justin Timberlake could act? His acting was just so bad in this film that it deserved the straight to DVD route it received in the USA. I went to CGV to see if my DVD screener was possible an error disc but after seeing it on the big screen, I knew that it was not the disk that was flawed but the actual movie itself.

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