Sunday, October 21, 2007

I do apologize for all of the cartoons today, I wanted to say something and I needed the cartoons to help me along with it.

As a few of the people who read this blog know is that I do read the comics and it helps to stay in touch with back home. One that I read since the 1980's has been Funky Winkerbean I have always laughed at the stories of one character, Les Moore.

The reason was very simple, I saw alot of me in this character. If you read his history, a few of my older friends will get the connections real fast.

All of my life I have always pulled for the underdog, for the geek character to end up a nice wife and to be happy (In the comic strip Luann I am pulling for Brad to finally connect with Toni.) To be honest, I have never been much of a ladies man. If they were to ever write a book about my dating skills, it would be called "Do not do anything that Mike McStay does."

A few years ago, I lost my father due to cancer. So when I read that they were going to kill Les' wife "Lisa" it almost made me not want to read the comic strip. I knew that by reading it that I would be reminded of how I lost my father. I decided to stick it out and read the comics.

On Oct 4 2007, they printed the strip that Lisa died in. I soon fell back into the memories of how I lost my dad. I did find it interesting that they did a strip that Les is watching some tv shows that Lisa liked, it was like she was still their with him. It reminded me of some of the things that I still do, watch boxing or certain films that my dad watched. I still talk to him, as he is there watching it besides me.

That has been one of the problems with me and the baseball games here in Daejeon. He used to take me and my brother, james, to see the El Paso Diablos, play when we were stationed in Ft Bliss. I see the fathers taking their children to the games and it like another huge hole in my heart opens up and no mater what I do, I can't seem to close it. I can not watch the games with my dad because he is dead and I can not bring my 2 children to the game so that they can watch it with me, because I have no idea where in the world that are at right now.

I have recently stopped drinking again and this time the quiting is scarring me. I was shaking the last 2x times that I was at a bar this week. I had zero beers but I think that I will stay away from bars for awhile.

When they killed Lisa off, I saw Les collapse but now the comic had jumped 12 years into the future and I have no idea whats going on with one of my favorite comics. I did want to see him try and deal with it, the first main holidays without, the looking at a place at a table and want to see someone and you know that they are not walking through the door.

My fathers birthday was December 24, Thank goodness the last few years I have had people near me. It has helped. The cartoon opened alot of emotions in me that i thought that I has buried and now I am dealing with it all.

PEOPLE IF YOUR PARENTS ARE ALIVE, call them and tell them that you love them and that you miss them. If you have children, hug them and tell then that you love them. If you have that special someone, tell her or tell him that you love them. Maybe one day I will find someone, if not, just try and find help in anything besides a bottle or a mug of beer. I can help the whole world but I am useless with the man in the mirror.

legacy is the link so that, if you want to, you can buy a copy of the book about Lisa's legacy. I will order it in November and hope that they ship to Korea.

ENJOY THE COMICS...........................................

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