Thursday, October 04, 2007

Well Choseok is now over and what a few days it was.

Monday was real quiet and I just rested. Tuesday is when the fun really started.

It was a very quiet day and afternoon, it was the evening that everything started to get fun.

I went to the Wa-bar to meet some friends and I finally met one of the Foreigners on the Hanwha Eagles. His name is Jacob Cruz. Now what is funny about this is that SBS Sports, has stated, that I am his best friend here in Korea. Now, to be honest, I had never met the man before. I had met his wife previously at a game and I told her the same story.

I talked to him and his 2 friends from the Samsung Lions, we talked about baseball, Japan, Korea, Pensions, Insurance and other topics. It was a very interesting night.

Now the next day Hanwha, played at 1400 hrs and I went to the game and guess what happened, SBS Sports camera was focused on me every time Cruz was at bat. When He got a hit, they showed me cheering and when the other team intentionally walked him, I yelled and called the pitcher a chicken and I was shown on SBS Sports clucking like a huge chicken.

The baseball playoffs start soon and I will once again go to all of the home games that I can go to.

Now it looks like I will have to pass on the PIFF this year. The tickets were a freaking joke and after many lies, it was just too much and I was very disappointed. I might try a last minute run but it would be a huge risk with no tickets in hand.

Yesterday was another holiday in Korea and all I did was go to 2 movies and I found the new location of the Daejeon Art cinema. I like the new place, its very close to where I live, so looks like many trip to the indy cinema this year.

Looks like another trip to IMAX on Oct 11th. Looks like "Transformers" will come to the IMAX, It will have extra parts added to it. I do hope that they show a preview of "Beowulf".

One of my new colleagues is big into this North American Union. I realize that allot of people hate Bush, But this is just too crazy for me to understand. Please read NAO for a better explanation.

(To be honest, I have always thought that the USA and Canada, should form 1 country. No idea if I will ever see that.)

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