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July 6th, 2008 at 10:20 am

No Clashes Reported as Beef Protests Continue & Counter-Demonstration Falters

It appears that the leftist affiliated religious groups have been able to keep the extreme left wing thugs in check at least for last night as no violence was reported. The leftist groups claimed that half a million was going to turn out for their protests but judging by the pictures from the left leaning Voice of People website, they were probably able to get about 50,000-70,000 depending on the time of day it was:

A day time view of the US beef protesters.

View of beef protest at night looking towards City Hall.

Beef protest at night looking in the opposite direction from City Hall.

Yonhap News tends to confirm this with a report that says “tens of thousands” attended the protests. Even the Voice of People report put the number at 60,000 which is a far cry from the half a million claim from the protest organizers. Frankly I’m not impressed at all by the turn out.

I think this once again shows how the leftist movement in Korea has lost the support of the general Korean public. When they are able to turn out 250,000 like they did earlier in these protests that is when you know they are supported by the public but the turn out now shows it is just the usual leftist groups which have been augmented this week with their allies in the leftist religious groups.

The long lines of Korean citizens earlier in the week buying in mass quantities US beef is a sure indication that public opinion is quickly turning on these leftist groups:

The other thing to realize in regards to turn out for these protests is that these leftist groups bring out all their children in order to inflate their numbers as well as indoctrinate the next generation of leftist activists:


As you can see no child is to young to be used as a propaganda tool for these people:


And when the kids get bored of holding candles there are even crazy cow games to play to continue the indoctrination process:


The work of the KTEWU teachers were able to continue to get high school girls to up as well and protest:

The high school group Candlelight Girls

Besides being augmented by kids the protest numbers were also inflated by the religious groups I mentioned earlier. Here are the Christian groups in action on Saturday both during the day and at night:



Nothing like nuns participating in the destruction of public property:


Likewise here are the Buddhist groups in action as well:


Judging by the pictures it appears that the Buddhist groups had a much lower turnout compared to the Christian groups that attended.

Of course the politicians from the Korean leftist political parties were showing their faces again as well including everyone’s favorite Kang Ki-gap:


Many of these protesters obviously in an attempt to influence the Amnesty International investigator in attendance at the protest were holding up leaflets calling the Seoul Police Commissioner Yong Ui-cha, a criminal:


The protest organizers were also able to get some star power to help them as well as Kwon Hae-hyo (who just lost a lot of cool points with me) worked as an announcer for the protest organizers:


The award for the most ridiculous protesters of the night without a doubt goes to these guys:


As Roboseyo rightfully pointed out the character “V” in the movie “V for Vendetta” was an anarchist not a democracy advocate as the people claim to be.

When Roboseyo approached these people to ask them if they knew this they had no idea. Apparently their knowledge of movies is about is good as their knowledge of the science of mad cow disease it appears.

Just take a look at how many of these fools there are:


Did anyone see the protesters wearing any of these shirts? If so they would be even bigger fools then these “V” protesters.

The counter protest composed of overseas Koreans, English teachers, and 300 ex-North Korean soldiers was a huge let down according to frequent commenter Kalani who attended the protest. He reported seeing only 500 people attend which was much smaller then the reports of a thousand to thirty thousand attending. The 300 ex-North Korean soldiers also appear to have either not shown up or were very low profile. On the Voice of People report there was plenty of beef protesters who were deriding the counter-protesters which shows what little effect the protest had.

I didn’t like the idea of this protest in the first place by mixing North Korean human rights with this mad cow nonsense. I don’t mind people protesting against the mad cow nonsense but I don’t thinking mixing it with North Korean human rights is the way to go about doing it.

For images of what happened last night I highly recommend everyone go over to Roboseyo’s site and see the video he filmed. He has plenty of footage of the “V” protesters as well as a counter-protester carrying US and ROK flags arguing with some ajushis about how them smoking American cigarettes was more dangerous to their health then mad cows.

He also has footage of what he calls “The Candlegirl Dance”. I was digging through the Hanchongnyun site looking for images of the protest and look what I found the Hanchongnyun clowns are the one behind the Candlegirl dance:


You can see they actually spent plenty of time choreographing and practicing this dance:


Here they are doing their dance at the protest:

Kalani had mentioned that someone dressed in pink had tried to start trouble with the counter-protesters and considering these Hanchongnyun clowns have a thing for pink, it is safe to say the person who tried to cause trouble was from Hanchongnyun.

All in all though the beef protesters accomplished little last night and the police appear to have done a good job not reacting to anything the protesters may have been trying to do to instigate violence for the Amnesty International investigator to see. Like I said before I’m not impressed by the turn out and if this is the best these groups can do then I suspect we are beginning to see the beginning of the end of these protests.


For additional commentary on the beef protests make sure to check out Robert Koehler’s and Scott Burgeson’s postings on the protests.

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