Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Well its now 2008 and its time for another X-Files movie and this one is different.
The X-Files: I Want to Believe. If you are a fan of the move then the film will be easy to follow, If you are not, then this film will not make a lot of sense for you.

The plot of the film is simple, Its now 8 years later and Mulder Fox has been exiled from the FBI and lives in a quiet life. His former partner Dana Scully has moved on and is now working in a Catholic Hospital trying to save the live of a young child. The FBI has has an Agent go missing and FBI needs Fox and Scully to once again try and save the day.

As someone who watched the TV show off and on, it was easy for me to catch back up with the characters. For the new viewer, this will be impossible. I have made this review as spoiler free so you will not have any of this film ruined for you.

If you liked the X-Files TV show, then please watch the movie. I think that it is worth a turn at the local cinema. If you have never watched the TV Show, then you should pass on this one and wait for the DVD.

Grade C+

Fox Mulder: Scully, I need you in this with me.
Dana Scully: That's what scares me.

Extra Sceen at the end of the film Yes.

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