Saturday, July 26, 2008

Movie Review. Sunny

Well it was another week of seeing the so-called, "New Korean Wave Film" Sunny and once again I must ask the question, "Where can this film play, besides Korea?"

For those who have not heard of this film, the story goes like this, Old-fashioned Soon-yi marries into a family in the country without love. But when her husband abandons her by enlisting into the Vietnam war, she wants to show that she is capable of loving him. She uses her vocal talent to join a band heading there and sings for the restless soldiers in hopes of meeting her husband while on tour.

I had a very bad feeling as I went into the theater and sad to say, the feeling was correct.

Every time the US Army is featured in this film, I kept counting all of the errors with the uniforms and just about everything else. It was a total waste of even trying to be correct and to me the film horribly fails on this part. The acting for the US military roles were just as bad and I never believed any of them.

I never believed the actress Soo-Ae for a moments as a lady in love with her husband. She came across, to me, as a lady who was horribly mis-cast and each time the screen is on her,she can not deliver. This film ultimately fails because of her.

Overall the film is another bad attempt of Korea trying to be a world player in cinema. Please pass on this film at all cost.

Grade D-

How I saw it. CGV Digital Screen

Opened in Korea on July 24th 2008

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