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Fall 2008 Reviews by Mike McStay

Now, this could be a very interesting Fall 2008. The next Harry Potter film has been delayed until next summer and the new Tom Cruise one has been given a late December release.

Here are my top 10 films that you need to see this fall and the top 10 that you need to pass on. I will list the opening date for the films here in South Korea.


1. Quantum of Solace (November 5, 2008)

I know that this was an easy choice. It preview looked good and it will be nice to see James Bond back into full revenge mode. As of now, the film has an early release date for Korea.

2. Bolt (December 18, 2008)

Disney here is going for the 3-D cartoon look here. It has an interesting plot and looks like it will be a money maker for Disney.

3. Twilight. (December 12, 2008)

This is one of the more interesting films for this fall release. Will the target audience (Young girls and mothers) go see a love story with a vampire? Will we see more of these films. This one deserves at least a look to see what it's all actually about.

4. Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (Unknown South Korean release date)IMAX

I should have hated the first one, but I actually liked it. I have the same feeling about #2. It will play at the Imax's here in Korea. This could be a nice hit for Dreamworks.

5. Defiance. (Unknown South Korean release date)

James Bond and Oscar winning director Ed Zwick take on the Nazis. The preview looked good and the back story on this actual event was great. Hope we get to see it in Korea.

6. Righteous Kill (Unknown South Korean release date)

De Niro and Pacino working together in a movie. That works for me. It is a police drama and the preview looked good. Hope we get to see it in Korea.

7. Changeling (Unknown South Korean release date)

Clint Eastwood directing Angelina Jolie. Just on that alone it is deserving of a look. The film is based on the Gordon Stewart Northcott case. Once again, I hope that we can see it here in Korea.

8. Pride and Glory (Unknown South Korean release date)

Colin Farell and Ed Norton working together. Ok, sold me on this one. The preview was ok and I will see it. This could be a tweener (not a big film but not a small one either) Either way, it is definitely worth 1 viewing by you, the reader.

9. Body of Lies (October 23, 2008)

Leonardo DiCaprio and Russel Crowe together in a film directed by Ridley Scott. Throw in terrorism and the CIA, this one looks good. Will try and see it if it comes to Korea.

10. Soul Men. (Unknown South Korean release date)

A few months ago, I had this film saved as a fall sleeper. With the recent passing of Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes now the film will serve as a memorial to these 2 great artist. Please see it when you can.

10 Films that you'll need to pass on this fall 2008.

1. Valkyrie (Unknown South Korean release date)

I saw the preview of this film and with all of the bad German accents in this film, it just made me shudder. How can this many good actors be in this film? It looks like a huge train wreck at the box office.

2. The Day the Earth Stood Still (Unknown South Korean release date)

Yes this is a remake of the 1951 classic film with the same name. I have no idea why they decided to remake this film and it's just wrong to remake a perfect, classic film.

3. Punisher: War Zone (Unknown South Korean release date)

We have a new Punisher in this film. We have a new bad guy and we have a huge mess of a film because of it. I have no idea why they even decided to try and make a #2 when the last one was not that good in the first place.

4. Australia (December 25, 2008)

The film is so good that it will out-gross "Titanic" massive box office Dollars. This is one of the predictions that is floating about this film. I just have a bad feeling about this film. What I have heard about this film has not sold me.

5. Four Christmases (Unknown South Korean release date)

All of the bad stories that came out because the main actors never got along. The story looks bad and with the number of good actors, it just has that bad smell that makes me want to pass on this film.

6. Max Payne (November 20, 2008)

Another game based on a video game and it looks horrible. The preview I saw just looked like one huge mess with no rhyme nor reason. It looks empty and that is never good for a film.

7. Sex Drive (Unknown South Korean release date)

A teen movie about a boy going to meet a girl that he has met online. The preview did not make it laugh and it was supposed to. I just have a bad feeling about this film. It looks cheap and rushed together and this is never good for a movie.

8. Saw V (Unknown South Korean release date)

Now let me see, Jigsaw is dead and now someone else is doing his work? Are you kidding me? Why are they even making another one. I have seen all 4 and sad to saw will probably see #5 and the entire time I will ask myself, "Why?"

9. Lakeview Terrace (Unknown South Korean release date)

Samuel L. Jackson takes a turn as a racist cop. The preview looked like a bad "Z" film and it just has a over-acted SLJ trying to be a hyper police officer. It just gave me sick feeling after I watched the preview.

10. Eagle Eye (October 9, 2008) IMAX

Now when I saw the preview, I just looked at the screen and stated, "Are you fracking kidding me?" I also have learned that this will be an Imax film for fall, 2008. I have no idea if it will play at the Imax's here in Korea. I hope not, it has the feel of a bad film and the preview did nothing to dispel my thoughts about this film.

Well these are my 10 hits and misses, once again, "I see the crap, so you don't have to."

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