Sunday, September 21, 2008

Well it was an interesting Chuseok. I stayed home but still I liked what I did.

on Friday and Saturday 12-13th. I just stayed home and stayed low. I knew that the traffic would be bad and I just stayed at home and took a few naps.

Now on Sunday, I did a few things.

1. I went out with Kevin, Julie and Kim to see the movie Mamma Mia.

(Now lets explain a little before we go on. This semester I am mentoring a couple Julie and Kevin. They are so cute together..I just want to puke (Joke.) Kevin has his masters from the UN. Julie Wants to start her's soon. Kim is a young lady from Canada with a masters and this is her first time living overseas.

We had a nice time at the movie and we all liked the film.

2. I later went to the Site E party and once again the police were called. Man we must be getting one heck of a rep here. We have a party and the cops get called.

Monday I took it easy in the morning and then went to Phil's and took of the drunken chicken.

Now also congrats to Phil and Victoria. they are now preggers and I with them both the best.

Phil said that they used to cook chicken like the above photo in Canada, I have no idea but it was delicious and It was nice.

Now for a nice surprise that I had during Chuseok.

When I went to Dan and Greer's wedding in NZ, I discovered this beer named SPEIGHTS and I really enjoyed it. So you can imagine my surprise when Ben told me that his friend forgot to bring back a 12 pack from NZ. Well I had a 12 pack and I really enjoyed it during the Korean holiday Chuseok. I shared a few bottles and I really enjoyed having the beer once again. So sPEIGHT'S Please start to ship this lovely beer to Korea.

So I had a nice holiday season.

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