Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Well another cartoon that I like has decided to slow down.

For many years I have been reading For Better or For Worse and it has been a great read every morning or every afternoon, here in Korea. I have seen these cartoon children grow up and seen their weddings. I have felt an ownership of this cartoon due to me being a daily reader.

The cartoonist, Lynn Johnston, has decided to slow down and do a re-launch of the strip with a mix of old and new strips. I have no real desire to see this and this will end my readership of this cartoon. I WISH THAT SHE JUST WOULD HAVE RETIRED THE STRIP.

Thank you for many years of a great cartoon.

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jawick said...

For those of us who weren't around for the nearly 30 years that the strip has run, it is great to get to see Michael and Liz as small children and have the gaps that we missed filled in.

John, no longer in Daejeon