Monday, May 04, 2009

As many of my readers know, I have some very different ways that I see some movies before they are released and a few weeks ago, A copy of X-Men Origins: Wolverine was released and I was able to obtain a copy of it. I saw the film and wanted to write a review utterly destroying the film and warning you, the reader, not to waste your $$ on this film.

Information was soon released by Fox that this was not the finished copy of the film and that this was the version that was so bad that it prompted at least 10-20 minutes of additional material added to the film. I thought about it and I decided to not write a review, to warn you about this film, until I actually went to the theater and watched the film for myself.

It will be a long time before I ever give Fox Movies the credit of doubt, again.


Fox spokesman Chris Petrikin is attempting to deflect criticism over the handling of the X-Men Origins: Wolverine bootleg controversy aimed at studio Co-Chairman Tom Rothman. Rothman had been the object of much derision after claiming that the workprint of: Wolverine that had been uploaded onto the Internet last month was 10 minutes shorter than the final version. Several bloggers on entertainment websites soon discovered that the pirated copy and the final print being sent to theaters this weekend are the exact same length and accused Rothman of lying. But in an interview with today's (Wednesday) Los Angeles Times, Petrikin conceded that he had given the wrong information about the movie's length to Rothman. "There was no 'fibbing' involved -- that would imply that we were so on top of things that we anticipated having one of our biggest films of the year stolen and had time to concoct a plan to purposefully 'spin' wrong information," Petrikin told Times columnist Patrick Goldstein. "In fact, I think I told Tom that there might be 10 minutes missing from the stolen version, based -- obviously -- on misinformation I was given or misinterpreted.................................

When I purchased my ticket, I looked at the ending time and released that it was exactly the length of the leaked workprint and I feared that we, the paying movie audience, had been lied to. I saw the film and sad to say, it was worse on the big screen that it was on the TV that I watched the film on.

If you are truly a fan of the comic book "Wolverine", I will recommend that you pass on this film. Due to the horrible plot, the inane special effects, the horrid acting, the absolutely uneventful tale that this film has to show. I was cringing at the theater while I was watching this junk. The utter misplacement of "Wade Wilson/Deadpool" in this film, is what finally made me despise what I has just wasted my money on. Please pass on this film at all cost.

Grade D-

Opened in South Korea on 30 April 2009

Wade Wilson: I love this weapon more than anything in the world, wanna know why? It's memorable. Sure it's a little bulky, hard to get on a plane. But, whip out a couple of swords at your ex-girlfriends wedding. They will never, ever forget it. Granted, it's probably not as intimidating as a gun, bone-claws or the fingernails of a bag-lady... Manicure?

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