Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dokdo Is Ours PWNS The Korea Times!!!

It is I, Dokdo Is Ours, and I am furious:

You see, I wrote a letter to The Korea Times about my life in Korea... (note in particular the e-mail address at the bottom) These are screenshots from today.
But those dirty scuzzballs EDITED IT!

This is censorship, I say! Censorship! Below is the original, FULL text of the article I sent them. I have italicized the parts those Big-Brother-esque stiflers of free speech edited out, and formally express my outrage at being censored!

Dear Editor:

Finally, one of your columnists really hit the nail on the head! It
was with the great pleasure of having my suspicions affirmed that I
have read Jon Huer's article about the English teaching "Gold Rush"
atmosphere in the Korea.

After having trouble applying my undergrad Medieval History degree to
get a steady job in a Dallas, Texas, I thought I can give it a try
teaching English in South Korea. Frankly speaking, if I knew then
what I know now, I would have wrapped myself in wet blanket, swallowed
my pride and headed for the nearest Burger King with a "Help Wanted"
sign in the window. What I saw when I got here was extreme shocking.
My coworker, a cigarette-smelling native-speaking "teacher" named
Brad, took me to Hongdae, where we walked around and he saw Korean
girls' bodies, until he pulled me into a bar, saying, "The Korean sexy
girls are always drunk and dirty girl in here." The disrespectful
towards Korean women I saw that night, in that crowded dance club,
from the white male American and Canadian teachers still shocks me
when I think of it.

Later, when I saw the lazy attitude Brad, and his "teacher" friends
had toward their jobs, when I saw them drink on weeknights and come to
class hung over almost every day, when I saw the helpless frustration
the sweet and pretty Korean secretaries experienced, dealing with
these unethical boors, when I smelled the marijuana on their clothes
and wondered if they also did crystal meth or heroin, I decided that
living in such an environment might even corrupt me, a grown adult and
a Christian!
I left Korea after only three months. I couldn't
managed to find a job since I returned in this tough economy, with my
weak qualification, but I'm still glad I got out of that poisonous
Hogwan atmosphere.

Sure, when I read Jon Huer's "Gold Rush Article," I was entertained by
the witty comparing between English teaching in Korea and the Wild
West... but the most shocking thing I saw was that some English
teachers seem to enjoy it here... I never saw anything like that, but
Mr. Huer's analysis had a perspective and a grasp that I share and

Thank you for printing such perceptive content on your opinion page.
I look forward to reading more.

Robert V.Winkle
Former English Teacher
Dallas, Texas

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is with this letter that DokdoIsOurs must step out of anonymity into the light: My name is Robert VanWinkle, and here is my picture.
You may know me better by my previous stage name; here's some more information about me... and a little video I made back at my previous job, to explain more about who I am.

Here's the letter in the times again.
And a printable version.

I rock

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