Saturday, May 30, 2009

hello everybody this is Mike McStay.

I know that a lot of you are not in Korea and have heard of my surgery so please let me catch you up on what exactly is going on.

For the past few days , I had some, what I though, was some bad food and that I needed a bix of exlax and it would be better. I went to the doctor on 5-21 and they took an x ray and it showed a huge stuffiness in my digestion track. They gave me the super exlax and I thought that all would be OK.

Well Thursday I finished my 2 classes and passesed out and I could not move nor did I even try to find my Thursday movie club a great film. They finally came to my house and 1 OF them took my Friday class and I was going to the dr on Friday.

Friday morning came and i could not move, and stoopid me did not call anyone. I finally made it to the chair and grabbed my closes. med card and got a taxi asap.

I made it to the hospital Got to the dr office and I collapsed.

They took an x ray and then I dont recall much about it. All I REMEMBER is that the word "tumor" and blockage and I was going into surgery that day.

I remember going into the surgery and comming out and seing 4 familiar faces and then the next 2 days are blurry because I was supposed to be given morphine as a release button, instead i had a strong drip and it made me feel very confused.

I have learded that morphine is a power drug, on monday night I got a new morphine drug and from 0000-0230, In my head i was fritz the cat and i was going 1000 miles an hour.

yesterday 5/29 is when the news took a bit of a sad tune. Now please realize, no bioposy has been done on the tumor yet, so this is only a guess, but the dr thinks that I have cancer and that I will need radation.

So I was sad for about an hour and all of the time i was thinking about this song.

well my loud,big country, gop ass, ain't never been quiet so, people, right now no one knows a darn thing until the bioposy. So all prayers will be appreciated.

After 6-8 weeks i am released from the hospital, i will have to go back for the surgery on the tumor. I am now on a huge diet, no soda, beer hamburgers. Pretty much I am now a fruit and a vegeterian, I FEAR THAT SOON ME HUGGING TREES WILL SO HAPPEN.

So please do not send me any food at the hospital, I thank you for the kind effort but it wont help. I will now probably have to rase some funds to pay for this, I have no idea who is in charge of it but check with Woosong university Daniel Dotson on my freinds facebbok list.

Right now its basically hurry up, heal, wait, surgery and then who knows.

Soju is being looked over right now and i sure do miss my big dog.

I would also like to at this time, thank the heck out of Wooosng university. The fellow teachers have really stepped up to the plate and helped me out a lot. I have no words what to say that can actually say what i want to say to you all except, you have humbled me by calline me a friend and for this I am deeply honored.

When I know anything else I will post the info on this blog and on facebook.

Take care, May God Bless you all and If you have that someone special please tell them that you love them.

Flynn Michael McStay

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