Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Movie Review: Grown Ups

With some of Adam Sandler's films, I feel that we have been given some very funny films but I also feel that he has been very lazy in some of his recent attempts at humor.

I had heard of some of the very negative views of this film before I saw it so I really had no idea what to expect. I then remembered that most critics hate Adam and that I should just watch the film and see what happens. I am glad to say that I really liked this film.

The idea of this film is very simple, five best friends (Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade and Rob Schneider) from junior high reunite over 30 years later in the wake of the death of their old basketball coach and decide to spend the Independence Day weekend together with their families at the lake house where they celebrated their championship.

What I liked about this that it just showed a very simple vacation without a lot of the CGI that we have come to expect in the new age of comedy. I also really liked the chemistry of these 5 stars. You could tell that they were friends by the way that they were talking and interacting together. It was real and that, to me, made this film a lot more believable.

You will really see noting original in this film at all and I am sure that you have seen some of the humor in this film taken from other recent films. While I was watching this film I was laughing and when the film was over, I had a smile on my face.

I have no idea if this film will ever be shown here in Korea due to the recent low box office numbers of Adam here in Korea. If the film comes here at all, it will probably play for 1 week. So you need to see the film the first week that it’s here.

I really enjoyed it and I hope that you do to.

Grade: A-

Roxanne Chase-Feder: [an old woman approaches them] And this must be your mother.
Rob Hilliard: My wife.
Roxanne Chase-Feder: I'm sorry!
Rob Hilliard: I'm not.
[kisses his wife]
Marcus Higgins: [onlooking] Oh, grody.

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