Monday, June 14, 2010

Movie Review: Sex and the City 2

So far this film has had 2 very distinct opinions. The majority of my female friends loved this film while the majority of my male friends, who have admitted seeing this, absolutely hated it.

I think one of my female friends said it the best.. " if I make out with my ex. tell my husband about it, I should expect a huge black diamond as a punishment? thanks for the tip SATC!!!"

As an American male, I have never really understood the reasoning of why Sex and The City was so popular around the world. To me all they seem to be interested in are the latest parties and fashion and who they are seen with. I keep wondering am I the only one who see how pathetic and shallow these girls seem and as men do we want our future girlfriends and wives to act in this manner because we enjoy it?

Sad to say, but my last statement is exactly how I saw this film. It was shallow, empty and for the majority of the film, I just rolled my eyes and waited for it to be over.

The film splits into two different locations, New York City and Abu Dhabi and we are shown both of these worlds with a very different outlook for the ladies who are visiting there. It was interesting to look at how both worlds operate in their treatment of women.

Overall if you love SATC, I think that this film will work for you. if, you're like me, and really cant stand the SATC girls, then you should pas on this film and wait for something else to see at the movies.

Grade D-

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