Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Movie Review: Knight and Day

With Tom Cruise, either I have liked his films or I have really hated them. I went into this one hoping that the sneak preview did not turn out to be better than the actual film. In this case I thought that Tom did a nice job in this film and that you should see it while it’s playing here in Korea.

To be honest I really saw nothing new here in this film. We have seen Tom as a secret agent before but in this film it is like he has had a huge stick removed from himself and actually made me laugh throughout an entire film. I really have no idea why, but the film was funny to me and the Korean audience really seemed to enjoy the film also.

What you get in this film is a secret agent who everyone thinks has finally broken down and with Toms acting here, for the first time in a very long time; I actually believed what I saw from him in this film. I also really liked the role that Cameron Diaz had in this film. I saw that, although she brought nothing new to the film, I wasn't really shocked by anything that she did in this film.

Over all, I guess that is why I liked this film. Lately, I seem to be angry when I left the theater because I had just wasted my time and $ on some supposed new film, that ended up being a piece of crap. When I left the theater after this movie, I knew that it wouldn't get an Oscar but I left it happy and thinking that maybe Tom is going to have a good rest of the decade here.

The film is worth at least one viewing and I hope that you like it.

Grade: B-

June Havens: The pilots are dead!
Milner: Yeah, they've been shot.
June Havens: By who?
Milner: By me. No, actually, I shot the first pilot then he accidentally shot the second pilot. It's just one of those things.

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