Saturday, April 11, 2009

April 10, 2009 HANWHA 8 Lotte 3... me at games 1-1-1

What a game this one was.

I went to the game early and got me a nice seat. I saw someone that I knew, Mark, and said hello and sat down and had some of the Mexican chicken that they sell at the game. Ryu Hyun Jin (#99 Monster)was going to be pitching and I wanted to see him pitch.

I got a text from a friend of mine telling me that they were also at the game and I found them and sat down next to them and watched the rest of the game with them. Apparently I was on TV Thursday night because a lot of people pointed at me and said you TV.. From what i was told I was eating chicken and they were also marveling at the lack of my dancing skills, I was shown dancing for donuts on Korean TV. After the game A few of the Lotte fans wanted me to pose with a photo of them. I was also told the the Koreans think of me as a super HANWHA FAN. Like I have always said, the truth will be stranger, than any lie that I could possibly come up with.

We sat on the 3rd base side, that was the Lotte fans part and we started jawing toward each other. The Hanwha fans were cheering me on. Once again you must remember, Korean fans are polite to each other and to the umpires. So when I yell at the umps for a blown call, my big ass voice can carry. A while back I was told that the batters and the players can hear my big voice. So I have to try and play nice, yeah I know..Mike, that dog ain't gonna hunt for long.

What I also found out yesterday was that the Hanwha fans, along with the Korean newspapers, seemed to really like the new foreign player Victor Diaz (빅터 디아즈). He has some game but I will wait and see over a few months before I make my mind up about him.

The Eagles jumped to an 8-0 led and I was worried that after the score went to 8-3 that they might get another tie but this time the EAGLES WON THE GAME!!!

The CF for the Giants made a bad play last night, he misplayed the ball and it went passed him and ended up next to the CF wall while 2 runs scored for the Eagles. I couldn't believe it and I actually felt sorry for the player. The Lotte fans were their usual loud fans but with a win they didn't say much expect for the Lotte Cheer, which is a copy of an UK Soccer song. I reminded them of that and that started it up between me and them for the rest of the night.

Looks like I will be at all 3 of the home games this weekend. It should make for some good baseball games.

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