Wednesday, April 08, 2009

KBO Resumes Kissing its Sister



I happened to be watching the Doosan/Hanwha game fairly closely yesterday, so I become more engrossed than I ought to have. Well, my perseverance paid off and I got to see a 4 1/2 hour 7-7 tie. Fun.

The KBO abolished the “play until it ends no curfew” rule implemented just last season and it only took three games to find a tie in the standings. What I’m about to say will surprise some, but I think in the face of having a bunch of ties, the KBO should consider implementing the Unicorn Rule, known amongst scouts as “PK,” or “penalty kicks.”

I’ve been very critical of the Unicorn Rule, and I still don’t like it for international play or big games, but I can tell you, after scouting four Korean high school games in a single day there’s no more welcome sight than seeing two runners trot out to first and second in the top of the 10th.

From a selfish fan’s perspective, I would hate it if MLB decided to bring in the rule, but with the KBO, I could live with it. Especially en leu of a tie. It’s a little amusing the league went back on it’s new/old rule so quickly, but it seems games like last year’s five hour and seven minute playoff tilt between Samsung and Doosan forced the league’s hand. My guess is that for playoff games there will be no 12 inning rule........................................................................................

WELL IT WAS A GREAT OPENING NIGHT IN DAEJEON. I got lucky because a friend was able to get their early and get some tickets for us. I was right about the game being sold out. I was so ready to see a Hanwha win. But no..we get this stoopid 12 inning tie rule and the game ends 7-7. Hanwha tied the game at 7-7 on the bottom of the 9th inning but just couldn't get the final run in. The crowd was going nuts during the bottom of the 9th, I was yelling and going crazy and cheering for the Eagles. It was just so anti-fun with the game being ended in a tie. I was so glad that i went but I really hate ties.

So for the season of Hanwha home game so far 0 Wins 0 losses and 1 frackin tie...

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