Saturday, April 18, 2009

April 17th SK 10 Hanwha 9 So far my record at home games 2-3-1

Well the fact that we were down 7-0 after the 3rd inning and the game was lost on the top of the 9th should tell you it made for one heck of a 4+ hour game.

This game was just so frustrating, the top of the second, SK scored 6 runs and I was thinking, OK this just isn't our night. Then after it was 7-0 after the 3rd, I stopped watching and was listening and talking to the crowd of 10+ foreigners that were at the game with me.

I started to see a small rally and I turned my hat upside down and the Eagles scored 4 runs that inning. What was really funny was their was a small, Korean child and he asked his mothers why I had my cap that way and she told him about the rally hat. He soon was wearing his hat the exact same way.

Once again, can I please say that #21 should quit and give it up? When he entered the game, I was screaming, Oh No , Its 5 and die and he has a so so inning of wok in which he gave up a run. What I could not believe was, that before the game they had a 3000 innings pitched ceremony for Song Jin-Woo, I was not that impressed to be exact and just want him to quit pitching.

On the top of the 9th is when Brad Thomas just had a bad inning, it was bases full with one out and then a deep sf and the SK team scored. During the bottom of the 9th We just couldn't get one run. I felt so sad for Brad.

I will go again on Sunday and I hope that the Eagles win this one.

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