Sunday, April 12, 2009

April 11th.

HANWHA 10 Lotte 6. Me at home games 2-1-1

Well I sure was not expecting a sell-out yesterday but that is what happened. I was talking to a friend of mine who live in Taiwan and he asked me what I was doing here and not at the game already because there was a huge crowd at the stadium. I texted the people that I was going to the game with and off we went. We got luck because someone we knew was already their and got us tickets.

I flat out could not believe how crowded the game was. The Lotte section had a nice size and so did the Eagles.

I think I can honestly say now that Song Jin Woo #21, should retire. He came in and tried to do mop up and was lit up like the 4th of July. He just looked horrible.

Well the game started off with us being down 1-0 with an early home run. Then as soon as it started to cool down, the HANWHA bats started to hit. I saw a few nice home runs for the Eagles and then they took a nice led over the Giants.

Their was a person at the game from India and I was teaching him the rules and strategies of baseball. I told him about Karmin Garcia. I said that he is a power hitter in the KBO and that he is starting to come out of his slump, with the cool bats I would walk him because if they don't, he will hit a home run, 2 pitches later, Garcia makes me look like a fracking Genius. He hits a monster home run and the guy is looking at me like, How did you know that?

It was a great game with the Giants getting close and then the Eagles would get a few more runs. I did not see Thomas pitch, so it looks like he will go 2 innings today, if its a close game.

Now While I was watching the game I was talking to a lot of different people and One of them was Eli's (A new teacher, who works at Woosong with me) girlfriend. (Yung-soo). I started talking to her and the girl knew baseball. I also found out that she teachers classical music, so I asked her why were the "WonderGirls" popular here in Korea? She said that have pretty faces and can dance but that are not great singers. I liked her answer. I found out that her and Eli are engaged to be married and I with them both the best with their life together.

i had a great time at the game and the Eagles won and I was doing my anti- Lotte Cheer, The Eagls fans who knew English were laughing, when they heard my words to it.

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