Sunday, April 12, 2009

April 12

Lotte 7 HANWHA 4 me at home games 2-2-1

I think the film "Forest Gump" said it best, "Stupid is as stupid does." It really described today's baseball game to me.

The Eagles left 2 pitchers in too long and they both game up runs that solidified the win for the GIANTS

The other major error was a few stoopid base running plays by the Eagles. Games like this are just frustrating for a baseball fan. You know you had the better team, you know that you should, could have won this game but due to leaving in your pitchers in for too darn long and by stoopid runners, the Eagles lost this game.

To me the key of this game was the 7th. The score was 4-4 and my thinking was this, Ok its the top of the 7th and we need to hold them to no runs and all we need is one run during the bottom of the inning and this game is over. Brad Thomas hasn't pitched in a few days and tomorrow is an off day so he can go for 2 innings. Now this is what I was thinking...Now for what actually happened..

The pitcher looked tired and he should have came out but nope not our Manager, he keep in in and at the end of the inning we're down by 3 and we can kiss this one bye bye.

Now for the fun shirt story of the game, I was sitting next to this Korean guy and he had a shirt that said, "the different colors of my small balls". I know, yes its childish and juvenile but yes it was also too darn funny. I had a great time at the game.

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