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Cardboard Retrospective: Art Monk’s HOF Career With the Washington Redskins

By Jamie Mottram | August 1, 2008

For Redskins fans, this weekend is as big as August weekends get. The Skins play for the first time this season, Zorn Star makes his head coaching debut and, of course, Art Monk and Darrell Green enter the Hall of Fame. That’s a lot to process, and, for me at least, it’s all about Monk.

Ours is a one-sided love affair that began sometime before I can remember. My first recollection of it was as a nine year-old, opening my very first pack of football cards only to find this beauty sitting right there on top:


Honest to goodness, that was my first football card, and is still the priceless (worthless?) crown jewel of my collection. That’s because my devotion to Monk deepened over time as his career arc coincided with my coming of age. When he came to Washington as a first-round pick in 1980, I was 2 years old. When he left as the NFL’s all-time receiving leader in ‘93, I was 15. In between, the Redskins won three Super Bowls and my passion for them was followed close behind by my addiction to card collecting.

So, in my mind, the best way to honor the hero of my youth on the eve of his enshrinement is to share some of my most precious possessions here with you. Consider this a cardboard retrospective of my favorite player that ever was, and ever will be …

1981 Topps — Back of the card nugget: “On the heels of an outstanding rookie campaign with the Redskins in 1980, Art was named to NFL’s All-Rookie Team.”


1982 Topps — “A good blocker for the club, he sees action on several specialty teams.”


1983 Topps — “He’s a constant threat to turn a routine pass play into a touchdown.”


1984 Topps — “Art once caught passes in 23 consecutive games.”


1985 Topps — “Nicknamed “money” for his ability to make the clutch reception, he consistently catches the pass over the middle.”


*BONUS* 1985 Topps Record Breaker — “Monk caught an incredible 106 passes last season to set new NFL record. The former mark of 101 receptions was set by Oilers’ Charley Hennigan during the 1964 season.”


1986 Topps — “The NFL’s 2nd-leading receiver in 1985, Art was named All-Pro and played in Pro Bowl.”


1987 Police Cards — “Art has been part of the NFL’s top receiver tandem for three straight seasons, twice with Gary Clark, and once with Calvin Muhammed.”


1988 Topps — “His cheering section is called “Art Gallery”.”


1989 Score — “Over the past five years, he has caught more passes than any other NFL receiver.”


1990 Pro Set — “One of the NFL’s all-time great receivers.”


1991 Bowman — “Among the NFL’s active players, one of the most likely to be elected to the Hall of Fame is Art Monk.”


*BONUS* 1991 Pinnacle Pro Sideline — “An avid fisherman, Art can be found in the offseason wherever there is a bass fishing tournament.”


1992 Score — “Art, the Redskins’ classy leader, is on the verge of NFL immortality; he needs just 19 catches in ‘92 to pass Steve Largent’s all-time record of 819 receptions.”


*BONUS* 1992 Upper Deck Record Breaker — “Art Monk went in motion to the right, turned upfield, made a quick move to the sideline and caught a ten-yard Mark Rypien pass to become the NFL’s all-time pass receptions leader with 820.”


1993 SkyBox — “Monk is one good guy who will finish first, although his NFL career is far from finished.”


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