Friday, August 01, 2008

Well, its the summer of 2008 and this week, we have another sequel. It's The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. It is a new Mummy film but instead of Egypt, this one takes place in 1947 China.

To be honest I was never a huge fan of the first 2, so when i went to see #3, I had no real expectations. Really, the only reason I went was to see, if the new "Harry Potter" trailer would be attached to the film here in Korea as it was in the USA/Canada. (It was not). After I saw the film, I was quite surprised, I actually liked this film.

It is the typical "summer blockbuster" film. If you are looking for an action summer film with, mummies, love, a battle between good and evil, then you will want to see this film.

What i really liked about the film, was the usage of Jet LI (Emperor Han) and Michelle Yeoh (Zi Juan). Every time that these 2 actors were on the screen I felt that I was looking and the forces of evil and good trying to destroy each other. When you see these 2 together, it really helps the film.

Also I was glad to see Brendan Fraser, return to a role that he was born to play in " Rick O'Connell". It was god to see a popcorn action hero return. To be honest, I did not miss Rachel Weisz in this film at all. I thought that the new actress, Maria Bello did a great job in it and I liked the little tip of the hat they did towards Rachel in the beginning of the film.

I highly recommend that you see the film in a digital cinema. it really added a better vibe to the film than when I saw it on film.

Over all, the film is worth one summer viewing and after the film is over you might actually be looking towards maybe...Mummy 4.

Grade B

Opened in South Korea on 30 July 2008

How I saw the film. Primus DLP and CGV Film.

Extra scene at the end of the credits. No

Opens in USA. 1 August 2008.

Alex O'Connell: Good going dad. You've raised another mummy. In his tomb, it said he had control of the five elements

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