Monday, August 18, 2008

Well the Summer of 2008 is almost over and it was interesting here at Woosong University.

We had a few interns, once again, join us for the summer of fun. We even had one from last year come back and we had one former Woosong Teacher come back (Curt) as he is working on his Doctorate from Penn State.

I took one of the interns, Corey, to the baseball game here in Daejeon with the Hanwha Eagles and he got to pose with the cheerleaders.

He did enjoy his stay in Daejeon and I hope he gets to, one day, become a Principal.

Once again we had students from Okechon. I taught them last year and enjoyed them. This years bunch was younger and a bit more wild. I did not teach any of them and I will always remember one little girl kept looking at me and just staring. She had never seen a tall person before.

I must admit, it was good to see Curt once again. He is a fellow Washington Redskin fan who hates the Dallas Cowboys, as much as I do. So it was good to talk to him and we even manged to see a baseball game with his finance.

I also met Ben, He is Ex-Military also and he likes his new tattoo. He was saying that it was a Korean Bird symbol that is very respected in Korea. I wish him a safe ride home. I also introduced him to the Japanese film, Battle Royale" He sure was not ready for that one. Have a safe trip back to Wright State and good luck with your future plans.

Thank you Interns for making it a very nice Summer 2008 and have a safe trip home.


To Martin It was nice to get to know you with your wine and cheese parties and your outlook on life. I do wish you well with your return back to Scotland and I hope that you get your wish with an independent Scotland in 2010.

To Patricia, It was nice to get to know you and Mike also. I do wish both of you a safe return back home and that you 2 have a good life together in Canada. I do hope that you like all of the Japanese films that I gave you copies of.

Well I did do a very interesting, and different, day trip on 8-9-08 with the 4 above people. Patricia, Jay, Topher and Paula.

They all waned to see the new Batman film in Imax. There was only one small problem. I could only get 5 decent seats at the 0750 am showing. So we had to leave Daejeon by the KTX at 0620 am. I really felt bad about that but everyone was up to it so off we went.

We took the 4 box seat and I took a 1 seater and we were off to Seoul Station. We had very interesting talks for 0620-0720 am on a Saturday. We were all looking forward to seeing the movie. Once we got to Seoul it was a short Subway ride to Yongsan Station and then we were at the CGV Imax.

It was a great film and we all enjoyed it. After the film, me and Pat went to Itewon and Songtang and had fun the entire day.

I was hoping to do a Harry Potter 6 Imax run this Winter but with the film being delayed until July 2009, that's off the books now. We had fun and it was a great day.

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