Saturday, August 02, 2008

Well I finally did one of the things in Korea that I have always wanted to do, I finally went to Busan and a saw a baseball games at the 30,000 seat stadium.

I was going to go on Saturday 23rd but, I thought that it was going to rain so I stayed at home. I looked at the weather on Sunday and saw that it might rain but I decided to go for it.

I took the KTX from Daejeon to Busan and I saw something that I had not noticed before. I noticed that from Busan to Daegu , the KTX train went slower, that from Daejeon to Daegu. I had heard that the fast track had not been laid down yet. I hope that they fix this soon.

I took the subway and arrived at the stadium. I saw that nearby their was a Primus/Home Plus together.

I was impressed with the size of the stadium when I walked in. Now you have to realize, i was wearing my Hanwha Eagles Jersey, and I really stood out.

The crowd was nice to me, but they were winning so it was not that bad. I saw something that I did not quite understand.

I was able to yell at the field and talk to Brad Thomas. He asked me if I was at the game yesterday. He said that their was a huge fight in the crowd involving the Hanwha fans. I told him that I missed the game but I am here today to cheer YOU ALL TO VICTORY.

Well it sure sounded nice but they lost 9-2.

I could not believe how full the stadium was. Over 30,000 for a baseball game. They were giving away cars and TV'S at the game and I could not believe it.

They started to wear orange bags on their heads, I was told that they were common for the fans. I also at that time saw Santa Clause at the game, HE WAS DRUNK AND CHEERING FOR THE Giants. The little kids were socked to see a drunk Santa. I kept laughing at him. It was too funny.

As the other Hanwha fans were leaving they stopped at looked at me and we just shrugged our shoulders. Hopefully next time the Eagles will win.

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