Monday, August 23, 2010

As a student of history, one of the first lessons we are taught is, That if you forget the past's mistakes, then you are condemned to repeat its errors. I kept thinking of that the entire time I was watching this film. I kept wondering, will badly idealized films, like this one, be the death of the 3D fad that has once again sweeped Hollywood?

I will not list all of the mistakes that this film had in it. If you want to please click here and see if you agree with the both of us about this film.

It just really got to a point where I stopped watching the film and started to count all of the plot holes and the insanity of the logic or a lack of in the plot, acting and overall story of this film.

The only time I was glad about this film is when it was over. I found the film to be a very pretty 3D picture but truly lacking in anything else. With this film, Cats and Dogs 2 and Piranha 3D are we starting to see the end of 3D films. This is what killed it the last time, pretty 3D effects but with some very badly made film that weren't worth the price of admission.

Please pass on this film at all cost.

Grade: F

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