Monday, August 23, 2010

Movie Review: The Man From Nowhere 아저씨 (A-jeo-ssi)

At the time of this review, this film has sold over 3.5 million tickets and is the #1 film in Korea and to be quite honest, I have no idea why. There is nothing new in this film and while the film was playing, I kept telling myself which film, the film makers, borrowed or heavily cribbed from.

The film's star, Won Bin, just looked liked he wanted to be anywhere else in the world but actually doing this film and the child star really brought nothing to this film.

The plot has it usual twist and bends but that is the problem in this film. If you have seen many Korean films then you will know exactly what is coming next and when you guess correctly, it really took away from any real drama of this film. To me it was just becoming more cartoonish because it was bad acting violence just for the sake of violence and the plot and the story and reality never seemed to be in sync in this film.

When the film was over, I recalled all of the plot holes and the bad acting it just didn't work for me. The film really could have used a very tight edit.

Please pass on this film.

Grade: D

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