Sunday, August 08, 2010

Movie Review: Toy Story 3

A few months ago, I selected this film as the #1 film to see this summer. I stated this about it...

1. Toy Story 3 (Aug 5, 2010)(IMAX 3D)

I have no idea what will happen in this film but the preview looked awesome and in 3D IMAX, This has all of the hype of being a huge Summer hit.

And I was right, at the time of writing this review the film is close to the 400 million dollar box office mark. But at the same time how can a film be so good and really left me mad at the same time be this great of a film.

As I was reading another review of this film, the answer became very clear to me...

What was wrong with Toy Story 3?


Now, we've never found out why ANDY had Woody - and in all the time in that house, we've never seen Andy's father. I bring this up, because I'm writing this on FATHER'S DAY. What is Andy's father situation? The father isn't there the day the boy goes off to college? We met Andy right after the birth of Andy's sister - and there was no Father then. I like to think that Andy's father died in some manner that left Andy's mom with the money to buy the house and take care of the two kids. Whatever happened to Andy's father, he was out of the picture significantly in advance of the first film... but... I always harbored the suspicion that WOODY was Andy's father's toy. That Woody's obsessive compulsion to be there for ANDY came from that relationship he had with Andy's father. And that it was possible, that Woody never necessarily knew this. I imagine that Woody was played with by his previous owner, that he went into the attic - then perhaps when Andy's father passed away, his Grandmother went through her son's things and found Woody - remembered how much that Woody meant to Andy's father - and felt it should go to Andy.

When I read the above part of the article, that's what click for me also. Where is the father and how did Andy Davis end up with Woody? I was hoping that this film would have answered these 2 questions but sadly it doesn't and I thought that it kind of hurt the story. If the film is basically about Andy growing up and moving on without his toys, then how can we if we don't know how they came together?

Now with that one complaint out of the way, this is a really good film and when I saw it in the CGV 4-D plex, the audience really seamed into it. The films has all of the things I want for a film to be great. A fantastic story, a somewhat believable plot and one heck of an ending to tie it all together. The scene of the toys at the dumpster, I thought, with all of them together, was a stroke of pure genesis. I also loved it when Buzz gets accidentally resent into a Spanish speaking mode and he goes crazy over Jessie in a very original way.

I also liked during the credits you are shown a little more of the story and it was a nice surprise.

Grade: A

Spanish Buzz: [immediately after being reset into Spanish, Buzz speaks into his wrist communicator] Estrella de registro: He despertado de hiper-sueño en un planeta extraño.
Hamm the Piggy Bank: [to Rex] Now what did you do?
Rex the Green Dinosaur: I just did what you told me!
Spanish Buzz: Estoy rodeado de criaturas alienígenas de intenciones desconocidas. ¿¡Quién va ahí? Amigo o enemigo?
[aims his laser at Woody]
Woody: Uh... amigos! We're all amigos!
Spanish Buzz: [turns off laser and is suddenly friendly] Debo tener un aterrizaje forzoso y tuve mi memoria borrada.
[helmet still up, he kisses Woody quickly on each cheek]
Spanish Buzz: ¿Alguien ha visto a mi nave espacial?
Woody: [dumbstruck] We gotta switch him back.

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