Monday, June 15, 2009

I still can not believe what happened on Saturday night and I am still at a lost for words on how I can ever say thank you enough for the fundraiser.

I am a very simple man. I try and do what needs to be done and sometimes, I use, lest just say, very different ideas on how to solve a problem.

Today I was handed about 1.9 million won for the fundraiser that was held for me on Saturday night. I will put this money asap into the war chest and on Friday 6.19 I can repay a huge favor that was given to me a few weeks ago.

Someone told me that this was a testament to me and that everybody wants me back in tip top shape.

I have never really asked for help before this happened. If their has been a problem in the last few years, I have usually prayed about it and attempted to solve the problem. Most of the time I have done a good job with it. The outpouring that I have received here in the last month has humbled me to the point, I really have no idea how to say "THANK YOU" except just to say it and I really mean it.

Seeing Harsha as a bartender, seeing Annie selling cookies, seeing the photos of people setting up for the party. Seeing a lot of people just to say to me, Mike, we give a frack about you! It was just too much to take and I am still trying to say thank you to everyone who came together for this event.

I have to go to the hospital on the 16th at 0900 and then I have to go back on the 19th at 1130. This is when I get told when I have to face my second surgery. As soon as i get back from the Dr. I will post the info here and on facebook.

Once again everyone, thank you...

Woori Bank
Account Name: McStay, Flynn M.
Account Number: 1002-929-503133
Swife Code: HVBKKRSE

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Harsha said...

It was great seeing all the volunteers coming together to make the event a success.