Friday, June 26, 2009

Movie Review: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

I so wanted to like this film. I went to a digital screen and saw this film twice on opening day. After the second time, I realized that I did not want to see this film again for the rest of the summer.

The sad thing about this movie that I can actually see a great film in this film. This film badly needs a 20-30 minute edit and a lot of the scenes could used a tighter direction. The main idea must have been, Let's make more robots and let us add a heck of a lot more explosion and let add a hot evil alien female that wants to kill Sam. It was just too much and all of this bloated shots actually took away the heart of the film and just absolutely ruined the film for me.

Some of the viewers are going to have their own issues with Mudflap and Skids, also known as the twins. Some critics have called these 2 racist and compared these 2 to Star Wars infamous "Jar Jar Binks" I will let you, the viewer, make up your own minds about these 2 robots.

The one thing I loved about this film was the showing of the Military as men of honor who believe in what the robots are doing. Watch for the little scene of Prime and Robert Epps, It is a small scene , but the small joke, I got it.

This film is worth at least one viewing at a digital screen. I can not recommend it anymore than that.

Grade D+

Wheelie: Is that the best you got, huh? Is that best you can do?
Mikaela Banes: What are you doing here, you little freak?
[Mikeala burns his left eye off with a soldering iron]
Wheelie: That's my eye, you crazy bitch! Easy Warrior Goddess, I'm just a little salvage scrap drone.
Mikaela Banes: Then I'm your worst nightmare

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