Thursday, June 04, 2009

Well everyone I am home form the hospital.

It has been a long day at the hospital. I was supposed to get out by 2pm it was after 4pm and almost 5 pm.

Everything that could go wrong seemed to go wrong, but I am home in Daejeon and taking it easy right now.

Tonight I will see natm2 and them I will take a huge rest until Sunday, when I go to church.

I am a little tired but I am ok. I will try and find someone who can read Korean and add my woori bank acct for the # to wire $$ and I will see if paypal can help on this one.

I do hope that everyone is ok and please keep me in your prayers.


Charles Montgomery said...

Glad you're home...

I will be coming down to the benefit next Friday. Dunno if you will be there or not, but hope you can make an appearance.


shell said...

Glad your home. Take is easy and know that every prayin person in this neck of the woods is praying for you.!!!