Sunday, June 21, 2009

Well today in the USA it is Father's Day. This is one of the days that I really miss the fact that I can not be with my 2 children. Claudia and Sean McStay.

With everything that has gone on with me this summer. I have really missed those 2 wonderful children of mine.

One day if you 2 find this blog, please remember something, Everyday I have prayed for you 2 and me to be reunited and that I love you 2 both very much. I have know idea where you 2 are nor do I know how to call you. That is why no Christmas nor Birthday gifts from me.

On days like today, I just usually stay low and try not to bother anyone.

Also on Father's Day its also another day that I miss my own father. We lost him in 2004 due to cancer, that we think came from his exposure to the Agent Orange, when he was station near the DMZ in the 1960's. I am remembering how he dealt with his cancer and how I have been trying to do the exact same thing.

I told my doctor a few days ago, "Panic is not a term in my vocabulary right now!" I have too many former student around this area and a few of them have heard what is going on with me right now. If I panic, they panic and my fellow teachers panic. Panic is a luxury that I can not do."

I am remembering what my father told me about his cancer, He told me, "Mike, either I am going to beat this or I am going home to God." I have told A few of my former students these exact words.

I am a little nervous about surgery #2, this could be a complicated one so on July 13, please pray a lot for me.


To my 2 children, I miss you every day but on days like today, I miss you both a lot more.

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