Monday, June 29, 2009

Lotte 2 Hanwha 0 (My record from home games is now 2-7-1)

Well I finally went to my first baseball game after the first surgery. And if this is the result, I think I will watch the games on TV for the rest of the season.

Hanwha has a great baseball team, they just can not pitch hit nor field, but they are still a good baseball team. (Its a bad joke)

Well I thought that the Eagles might actually do something when I saw that #99 Ryu Hyun-Jin (Monster) was the starting pitcher. He only gave up 2 runs with one of them being at the top of the 9th. Once again "Kim In-Sik" can not manage a pitching staff.

Hanwha just could never get anything together yesterday and it just looked horrible. No wonder they are in last place and with this ace it looks like the 2nd straight season in a row without any playoffs.

The rain delay was not fun either yesterday. It was just a sad game without any happy hanwha fans. And once again I yelled at the Giants fans for copying an American song as their "Lotte Lotte" SONG. (Some things never change)

This looks like, with the 2nd surgery scheduled for 13 July, and this Hanwha mess, it will be a very long summer here in the ROK.

In another KBO related story... I received this from and I posted this on CJ looks like he has another chance and this time its with the Dooson Bears. I so want to see CJ pitch a great game vs SK.


The Korean media is reporting that CJ Nitkowski has been claimed by Doosan. Funny thing is, I don’t think CJ himself knows this yet. He’s currently on vacation in Japan and Twittered that he’s waiting to hear if he clears waivers, saying “if I clear I’ll stay in Japan for a while before I head home, if not…”

That was two hours ago. Someone tell (or maybe Twitter) CJ that SK’s arch rival claimed him.

Later he Twitters: “Text from my old SK translator says: “Emergency: call me ASAP” Having trouble making an international phone call right now. Will try later.”

Trouble making an international phone call in Japan???!!! But they have such state of the art payphones in all the hotel lobbies.

But I digress. This could be a GREAT move for Doosan if they can get Nitkowski, who I think is still a capable reliever and could have some serious revenge on his mind come Korean Series time. Could be a very interesting storyline to follow. And I can’t say I wouldn’t be rooting for CJ.

That is, if someone can get to CJ.


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