Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Movie Review: Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian

I really had some huge hops for this film. The idea of a museum actually coming to life at night, just sounded too weird, but it had a great cast and great story and it worked. Sad to say, the 2nd film, this film, fails on every level.

I have tried to think of just one reason why this film did not work for me but there were any reasons and here are a few reason why this films just does not work for me.

1. The villain- If you are going to cast a bad person, make the audience hate him. In this film the villain is Hank Azaria, every time he spoke, I kept hearing Moe Szyslak, his voiced character from the popular TV show "The Simpsons" Every time he tried to be bad, I heard Moe and it just was never believable.

2. The love story: OK, you are trying to tell me that a wax statue of Amelia Earhart that comes to life as the sun goes down and our hero, Larry Daley,in a love story is even remotely believable? I never bought into it and it just seemed to drag the film down with this bad idea plot.

3. Jonah Hill:

You show him a lot in the trailer but in the actual film, he is only in it for about 3 minutes? Are you actually kidding me? The trailer leads you to believe that it will be a partnership between him and Ben Stiller to save the day and instead we are sold a joke that the film never recovers from.

By the end of this film, whatever magic the first film had was gone and in the end we are left with this mess that could have been great but in the end, will only spare us to death.

Please pass on this film at all cost.

Grade D-

Opened on 4 June 2009 in South Korea.

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