Saturday, May 17, 2008

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Why my friends are raising funds: (From Mikes Mom Stephanie)

insurance doesn’t cover any expenses after death. I have to shoulder the morgue fees for storage while we wait for the autopsy report to come back (about 2 million won) and I have to pay for a second autopsy (don't have an estimate on that but am looking) not to mention funeral costs.

I am paying out of my own pocket, not the fund, for the vigils (flyer's, prayer cards etc) my friends have networked for a free lawyer and possible a free cardio expert to testify in court.
I am paying out of my own pocket for his medical record to be sent from back home to prove no preexisting condition.

And why does he have to pay attention to his heart & breathing in a sauna if he was healthy? What an idiot you are. EVERYONE SHOULD PAY ATTENTION~! this was just a statement of fact that Mike knew the safety rules about sitting in a hot sauna & going into a cold one too quickly.

Calling my kid “fat” when you’ve never met him is verging on some serious disrespect. He’s 6 foot tall with a shoulder breadth of over 2 feet. What are you some kinda freak you have to throw out negativity like this? If you want to raise questions, do so respectfully. And if you can’t have the guts to say it to me!

THE BANK ACT # FOR PEOPLE WANTING TO GIVE $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

S.Micheal White Fund (acct name, but it's really spelled Michael)
daegu Bank

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