Monday, May 26, 2008


Subject: 3 witnesses total as of 9:40 pm Sunday May 25th

there was a twist to today's vigil in front of the R찜질방~ we
actively sought out witnesses and today we know for sure the cops were
there. They were in plain clothes, so they might have actually been there
last week to, but they didn't introduce themselves last week... so who

Anyway, 3 witnesses have come forward so far and they have spoken to
the lawyer. I can't give details, as the value of the witnesses testimony
have to be weightd in ... yet... this is AWESOME news!

Now, it's in the works to expland the call for witnesses beyong the
Sunday vigils and also get a permit to put the flyer on apt doors. There
are two large apt complexes within easy walking distance of the sauna.

This is working...Justice is possible...Stay Strong in the quest for

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