Monday, May 26, 2008

Their are certain days of the year that I really have problems with. Sad to say this is one of those days. I am luckier than most. I only have a few memories of US Army friends who are no longer here MATT'S STORY and a few others. Now their are those who in the US Army who have lost a hell of a lot more friends and today we are all asking why and praying to God that their is a special place in Heaven where soldiers can live in peace.

The video on the top of this entry is about a young man who died in Iraq and it also shows the girl that he left behind. The song is Tim McGraw- If You're Reading This"
Every time that I have heard this song, I cry for Matt and others who are no longer here. I have no idea if I will ever be able not to cry to this song.

Like I said on Matt's story I am getting older, the faces of my fallen friends are not. I every now and then ask why and I still have no answers. Hopefully one day, when my life is over, I can see my friends again and we can talk and laugh and pray.

Like I said this is one of the days that I have a problem with every year.

God Bless You My Fallen Comrades...See you when I get their.

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