Saturday, May 24, 2008

I'd like first to apologize for all the confusion over the 'ning'
site. It was a free service & we felt it might be a good way for
folks to collaborate online.

Turns out this wasn't the case. So.... here we are at yahoo/groups!

Let me first give everyone an update on a few issues:

1) legal representation: Hwang Byung Il "Brian" is Mike's lawyer. I
just contracted with him yesterday (friday may 23). Aside from
the "free" lawyer, others wanted between 3-8million won as a
retainer. Brian originally also wanted 8million. But, he was willing
to negotiate. He has been paid 4 million won and he will have claim
to 30% of any awards Mike receives. No other monies are due him. It
is my hope that since his pay will depend upon him winning, that he
will be very diligent in pursuing all avenues of justice.

Just as a side note: there were not enough funds in the account to
cover his legal fees, I made up the difference from my personal acct.
Also, all expenses relating to flyers/posters/ website etc have come
from my personal accts.

While it is the hope that the 70% Brian thinks he can win for Mike
will cover basic expenses, we can't really sit back and assume that
will happen. On the one hand I really hate asking for donations, but
the harsh reality is, I have to.

2) which brings me to the second topic: fundraisers. Barbara & Katie
have been working long hours and have really come up with an awesome
fun night at Thunderbird' s lounge in Daegu May 30th. The net seems to
be pretty well aware of the event (still doesn't hurt to spread the
word) yet they are also offering door prizes.

if there is anyone who can help Barb or Katie with the door prizes,
please let them know. I don't think they're signed up to the new
group, yet, here's Katie's # 010-2901-4663

we only have two weeks until this event so let's give the girls our

3) Some information has emerged from news reports that support the
idea of a second autopsy. Brian is working on that, yet he does need
some medical help deciphering the medical jargon in the records. If
you know of someone who is in the medical field here in Korea and can
put the medical terms into normal language for Brian that would be a
huge help and would save the expense of him paying to outservice
that. Considering he is working for commission, he might work harder
if he saw we were trying to help him reduce his overhead.

4) am still working on MightieMike. com... all suggestions are welcome

5) trying to work out a way to collect donations from abroad. Paypal
is allowing donations for now, but they want some supporting
documents that just aren't available in Korea. So to avoid any
problems, I just took off the donation button from the website. Any
ideas out there??

In humble thanks for your time, thoughts and comfort

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