Monday, May 19, 2008

Bring Michael White Home!

14 year old Stephen Michael White tragically died in a sauna on May 10, 2008 in Gyoungsan Korea (just south - east of Daegu), under circumstances which are still not clear.

His single American mother, an English Professor at Yeungnam University, does not have the financial means to take her son home for burial. We would like collect donations to help her meet the extraordinary costs she faces. Her friends are hosting a fundraiser on May 30, 2008 and we would appreciate all the support we can get.

Where: Thunderbirds Lounge - Daegu
When: May 30, 2008 8 - 11pm
What: Live music and door prizes
Why: To help Stephanie White bring her son home
Who: Everyone is invited to give their support
How: Come downtown and show your support

For those of you who are unable to join us on May 30th but would like to offer your support to Stephanie in her tragic time of need, we have set up an account where you can send donations.

S.Micheal White Fund (acct name, but it's really spelled Michael)
Daegu Bank

Stephanie is grateful for any support you can offer! Please forward this message to anyone who may be able to offer support or willing to join us downtown Daegu on May 30th.

Thanks for your support!!

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update 2

A message to all members of Remember Michael

May 18th Update:
The Sauna vigil went very well. We managed to get more Korean exposure as many families stopped by to see what was going on. Thanks to a previous coworker, Martine, many Korean mothers now know what mystery I'm facing in seeking answers for my son.

There was also a reporter from one of the Korean dailies, so we should expect to see a story published sometime this week. A TV program has also been seeking an interview, and the time for that will be arranged tomorrow.

I'm also bringing in a police statement by Corina Fransen to repudiate the Sauna's claim that they made emergency announcement over the intercom system. (Her daughter is also bilingual) I'll be going to the police station about 11:30 tomorrow morning, so please... some prayers & thoughts to keep my strength up.

There is a fund raiser being planned by Barbara & Katie so if there's anyway we can help them out, please let's do so~! I think it's May 30th at Thunderbird lounge? I'll post the details here.

The vigil at the Sauna was so effective, I think I will be doing this again for the next several Sundays.

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