Wednesday, May 21, 2008

More updates on the Michael White story from his mother......................

Yesterday, I went to the police station to submit Corina' witness statement. Because the police didn't want to have an appt on the weekend, we had to arrange the statement in proper fashion, have a translations done, then have both papers sealed with thumbprints etc. Lots of fun let me tell you. Some more details were disclosed to me, but the essential part is that the police don't have any evidence that this was an accident/health issue and no witnesses to support a murder charge. They assured me they are pursuing this as a murder investigation first and an accident as secondary. Time will tell of course.

The police have told me I have have Michael prepared without closing the investigation. They only problem with that would be no second autopsy could be preformed if needed. I am now seeking a second autopsy because a sexually assault kit was not done at the hospital or the autopsy. It's definitely not something I want to have happened, yet no stone should be left unturned.

Again, there are lots of things happening out there... A steak dinner being planned in Cheonan area, A Motorbike ride being planned for the west coast... lets take a few minutes to post here so we can pool our energies & resources to make things smoother.

In humble thanks

Katie & Barbara have been working on a fundraiser for Mike. Please give them all the help they need to make this a success for Mike.

Bring Michael White Home!
Stephen Michael White tragically died in a sauna on May 10, 2008 in Gyoungsan Korea (just south - east of Daegu).
His single mother, an English teacher at Yeungnam University, does not have the financial means to bring her son home. We would like collect donations to help her meet the extraordinary costs she faces. We are hosting a fundraiser on May 30, 2008 and we would appreciate all the support we can get.

Where: Thunderbirds Lounge - Daegu
When: May 30, 2008 8 - 11pm
What: Live music and door prizes
Why: To help Stephanie White bring her son home
Who: Everyone is invited to give their support, 10,000W tickets
How: Come downtown and show your support

For those of you who are unable to join us on May 30th but would like to offer your support to Stephanie in her tragic time of need, we have set up an account where you can send donations.

S.Micheal White Fund (acct name, but it's really spelled Michael)
Daegu Bank

Stephanie is grateful for any support you can offer! Please forward this message to anyone who may be able to offer support or willing to join us downtown Daegu on May 30th.

Thanks for your support!!

MORE UPDATES TO FOLLOW ON THIS VERY TRAGIC STORY...............................................

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ZenKimchi said...

Hey Mike,

We also interviewed Stephanie on the SeoulPodcast if you want to add that to the info. She gave a lot of information and personal thoughts that aren't in the email updates.

- Joe