Saturday, May 03, 2008

Well the first summer film of 2008 is out and its name is "Iron Man"

I have been trying to think how to write this review. I have a very diverse readership and this has left me to write these 2 very different thoughts.

For those who hate the typical Hollywood film, then this film will do nothing to change your mind. It is your typical low level plot, you will see everything coming and it will not stimulate your mind at all. If you think like this then please do not see the film. It will be a huge waste of your time and your money.

If you like the "Summer Blockbusters" then this will be the first one of many that will be showing this summer. I call these type of films the "Popcorn Flick". This film is shown to the general public in a big cinema with digital and it looks good and it sounds good and you leave the screen happy. If you like this type of film, then you will like this film.

Now for what I saw in the film.

I have know who the character "Iron Man" was since my days of reading comic books since my youth. I know who Tony Stark is. I have never been a huge fan of the comic book. I only know one person here in Korea who is and he told me that he loved the film.

"Iron Man" is a popcorn flick, no more and no less. To look for or to hope for anything else would be a huge mistake.

The film is based in the modern era, with Tony Stark making weapons for the US Army, where he is captured and forced to make a very powerful missile. During his capture he is almost wounded and has to have a small attachment near his heart to make sure he can stay alive. Instead he makes an armored suit and escapes.

The film will then take you on the "blockbuster" path, good sound, pretty girl, insane villain and a huge fight with a good guy and a bad one.

If you watch the film please watch for all of the little hints for the proposed trilogy.

Now for two small details. If you are listening for a very familiar riff of music associated with Iron Man, it is there. I saw the film in a Korean movie theater and I was the only one in the audience who cheered when I heard the music. Please stay for all of the credits. The little extra tells you exactly what the 2nd film will be all about and the cameo was awesome. If you know the Marvel Comics history, It was nice to see this hero once again.

If you are a fan of "IRON MAN" then please see the movie. i think that you will enjoy it. Please see it at a digital screen if you can.

Grade B+

Tony Stark: Let's be honest, this isn't the worst thing you've caught me doing.


Opened in Korea. 30 April 2008

How I saw the film. Primus DLP Cinema, Daejeon South Korea.
(Yes I was surprised that Primus had DLP.)

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