Wednesday, May 28, 2008

More update From Ms. White

There are plenty of ways for folks to help raise awareness for Mike's situation and to offset the fees for Justice in Korea.

1) Design a Mightie Mike Tee to be used as a fundraiser...

2) comment on Designs already submitted

2) Volunteer to fundraise by selling T-shirts in the Ten Mightie Mike Tee Challenge.

Mike's morgue fees are the biggest expense faced by his friends & family. We can not prepare Mike to go home until the Police give written permission that taking Mike home wont close the case (as it did for Bill Kapoun)

If you want to take the Ten Tee Challenge~ send a 40.000 won security deposit to Mike's Donation fund- AND fill out the form on the website letting us know you are taking the Ten Tee Challenge along with your mailing address. (it will take about 5-7 days + delivery to recieve the tees)

We'll send you Ten Mightie Mike Tees, which you then sell to your friends for 10.000 each. Once you've sold your Tees, simply transfer the proceeds to Mike's Fund. If only 20 people take the challenge and succeed, then Mike's morgue payment would be made for the month!

Justice is possible~! We just have to be able to afford it~

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