Saturday, May 17, 2008

A message to all members of Remember Michael

(from Mike's Mom)

Legal report: Yesterday I met with Mr. Lee, a lawyer in Daegu. While he is willing to offer legal counsel, he will not be acting as my lawyer in civil or criminal proceedings. In criminal proceedings, I do not need a lawyer as Mike is the victim. I can not begin civil proceedings until the criminal proceedings are completed. The purpose of the lawyer yesterday was to offer to act on my behalf in negotiating an out of court settlement. He explained that there is a monetary difference between the amount awarded by the courts and the amount I could expect from an out of court settlement.

While I can agree there is a difference in the ‘amount for damages” the difference is MARGINAL. Again, I am only interesting in covering expenses, not “big payout”, hence, I don’t give a flying flip about an out of court settlement. An out of court settlement would prevent the case from being heard in court, from there being a public record of the incident and from the inadequate regulations being overhauled.

It is my personal choice to forgo the fraction of an “increase” that an out of court settlement would bring, and instead pursue an in court investigation.
Since I am not interested in an out of court settlement, Mr. Lee will not be representing me in gathering evidence to present to the police. This makes the media outcry more important than it ever was before.

Please help to spread the word about giving a testimonial for Mike to the Korean Herald and Seoul Times. Help me monitor the blogs and counter any false rumors or innuendo that it was natural causes. I am counting the days until I have an English translation of the autopsy so I can counter those specific lies.

So, as it stands, I will continue to leverage media & diplomatic channels both in & out of Korea to bring pressure to the Gyeongsan police dept to do a thorough investigation.

I really really hope someone can help~

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Now I must ask you my friends, if you have a personal experience with Mike, a story you'd like to share, please help me show everyone what an awesome guy Mike is.

Please email your testimonial to the editors of the Korean Herald and the Seoul Times (in the subject line, write "letter to the editor"). For those who haven't yet seen the news, there was a short blurb about Mike in Fridays' Seoul edition of the Korean Herald and a longer piece today in the Herald. These have obviously been glossed over. I realize most folks don't want to get involved in arguing the why/how of Mike's untimely death, but at least, let us let the world know just what they are missing out on in a friend in Mike.

Humbly I thank you for your continued support.
Let the Sun Decide
Mike's mom

500 word limit

Korean Herald
khooran@heraldm. com

Seoul Times:

Please write "letter to the editor" in the subject line, 500 word limit

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